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KINGSTRONIC (BEIJING) LIMITED's main scope of business now includes: imports and exports of electronic and communication equipments, home appliances, electronic components, light industry products, textile and chemical products and related technologies; processing trade, domestic purchasing, joint-venture cooperation projects as well as international freight transportation and insurance services.

KINGSTRONIC (BEIJING) LIMITED has a current asset of 380 million yuan and achieved a 550 million yuan of sales revenue in 2003. It has a modern office environment in which a young and elite team works, and also established a scientific and efficient management system.

As a company focused on foreign trade and cooperation, KINGSTRONIC (BEIJING) LIMITED is committed to promote international trade, provide high quality and efficient services and conduct equal, mutually beneficial and close cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises. As early as 1991, KINGSTRONIC (BEIJING) LIMITED was among the 500 largest Chinese companies in terms of import and export volumes.


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